Marcel Broodthaers

During the last twelve years of his life, Marcel Broodthaers designed and produced a notably varied corpus of works. By combining poetry, writing, artist’s books, photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture, Broodthaers explored speech and languages, words and images, as well as rhetoric. His film, which
only lasts one second, tackles the theme of the artist’s signature. Here, it is reduced to simple initials, 'M.B.', but, at the same time, it is shown across, and therefore amplified by, twenty-four photograms. For a second, the artist contemplates his signature, and how it has become eternal thanks to the image's repeated projection. 'I think […] that in this [artistic] field, my signature or somebody else’s are the same thing. But I believe that the basis of all artistic creation relies on a narcissistic foundation', Broodthaers declared in 1971.