Urs Fischer

Urs Fischer’s creative oeuvre is characterized by movement, mutability, and flux, as well as the use of strategies intended to prevent form or meaning from solidifying at any point. His subject matter—in which metamorphoses, hybrid forms, and paradoxes often play a role— contributes to this, as do the techniques he uses. These include mobile installations, sculptures in a state of precarious balance, and animated works. His penchant for delicate materials like clay or wax allows him, for example, to produce unusual candle sculptures, which in the course of the exhibition change from realistic to formless, from definite to random, and from vertical to horizontal. Untitled is a self-portrait made of wax, burning slowly. It depicts the artist’s disappearance; it is the ultimate vanitas. Avoiding any glorification of the self, the art of Urs Fischer explores how we experience time and memory.