Simulation, 2007

This painting was inspired by a test conducted in 1983 at Disney studio by John Lasseter for a 3D cartoon project based on Maurice Sendak’s children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. The pilot was abandoned and Lasseter left Disney to set up Pixar studios. The painting features a cardboard model of a children’s room used for the film pilot, but this representation is the opposite of a Disney cartoon set. Nothing tells us this is a bedroom as we only see bare, abstract lines on a cold blue backdrop, the opposite of Disney’s rosy, utopian world. Luc Tuymans worked several times on Disney’s “magic” and is also interested in 3D imagery. Here, viewers see a sketch, a skeleton, the backstage... and mystery reappears where it was least expected. This painting was presented in the exhibition 'Forever, the Management of Magic' in New York in 2008 on the theme of Walt Disney and the evolution of his entertainment company into a full-scale ideology.