The Rabbit, 1994

Sweet, pastoral creatures, rabbits are considered in many cultures as related to the Moon, fertility and spring. This rabbit is lit by the Moon but from the inside and it seems to be about to chew a four-leaf clover, which is yet another symbol of abundance and luck. The scene could be either at dawn or dusk, when rabbits come out of their hole, but in any case under the rays of the Moon which give the painting a certain magic feel. This glowing quality, apart from being an amazing technical feat by the artist, is also a reference to one of his favorite subjects: the glow of television, computer and mobile screens. These screens shine a light on us but do they make us less blind? This rabbit glows but doesn’t have eyes. One can hope the four-leaf clove will protect it from predators. But who will protect us from the illusions projected on our screens? Are we so enslaved to our screens that even a creature as earth-bound as a rabbit only appears to us as a glowing, disembodied image?