Turtle, 2007

Turtle was shown in 2008 in an exhibition titled 'Forever, The Management of Magic' dedicated to the Walt Disney company’s various productions, in particular the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT). Contrary to official representations of the Walt Disney universe, where everything is bright, joyful and colorful, this painting is treated with an array of greys and gives a particularly ghostly impression. This is enhanced by the monumental size of the painting, which the viewer cannot grasp in one go. The viewer wanders and struggles to perceive a subject that is too large for them: it is one of the boats of the famous “Main Street Electrical Parade”, lined with tiny lights that are represented with white dots that look more like dull, sloppy, whitish stains than bright light bulbs. In all the works exhibited here, Luc Tuymans casts the grand vision of the American dream as a series of fuzzy, opaque and disenchanted reflections.