Felix Gonzalez-Torres - "Untitled" (Blood), 1992

“Untitled” (7 Days of Bloodworks), which at first sight appears close to Minimal Art is, according to us, a week-long record of the effects of the progress of HIV in the blood. “Untitled” (Blood) is a metaphorical representation of this advance: a curtain of plastic beads, stretching from one side of the room to the other, whose red and white beads evoke red and white blood cells. The perception of this work, suspended between abstraction and autobiography, the intimate and the political, demands the physical participation of visitors, who quite literally have to pass through the work. Visitors are thus performing a kind of ceremony of sharing and empathy that is at once light and serious, tragic and gentle. Shown for the fourth time at the Punta della Dogana (it was originally included in the museum’s inaugural exhibition in 2009, exactly ten years ago) “Untitled” (Blood) is one of the collection’s most emblematic works, one of the most rooted in the memory of this place.