Roni Horn - Well and Truly, 2009-2010

Owing to its constant movement, its metaphysical nature, and its potential ability to take on a range of meanings, water has indeed been frequently used by Roni Horn as material for her works. In the installation Well and Truly, water is represented in the petrified form of ten blocks of glass in different shades of blue, blue-green, light gray, and white. Visitors are invited to take their time, to wander around these frozen cylinders, looking at them from above and observing the translucence of the glass, its ambiguous depth, and the way it changes incessantly under natural light. In dialogue with the concrete of Tadao Ando’s ‟Cube”, the light of Venice’s sky, and the memory of the Punta della Dogana—where it is being presented for the third time—Well and Truly constitutes the geographical and symbolic heart of Luogo e Segni.