Bobo Mato, Coco Mato

From 1968, Martial Raysse attended fine and decorative arts studios, embracing collective work and the practice of bricolage, using everyday and ephemeral materials. He experimented with multi-hand drawings, like the Surrealists’ ‘exquisite corpse’ game, and began using ropes and clothes pegs, pens, fragments of photos, bulbs and matches to create simple forms, such as lines, rectangles, triangles: these are strange objects able to ward off evil spirits, managed by an artist-shaman (Bobo Mato, 1972; Nostra Signora del Papel, 1971). The assemblages, like fragile and purified fetishes, make reference to Amanita Muscaria, a mushroom with hallucinogenic and aphrodisiac properties, which heightens sensorial vivacity; the resulting psychdelic visions influenced Martial Raysse’s works from 1973.